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April 2, 2014:
More about Groupon, the top 1-day site. Recently Groupon applied for a $750 million IPO, so one day deals could be the next great internet bubble! Then again, it could be that people just want to save some money before the double-dip roller coaster takes its next plunge.


Daily Deals:

For consumers, daily deals can be good and a lot of fun. Most business owners have grown to hate them because of the high costs involved and the fact that the average customer looking for daily deals just wants freebies and won't pay to come back.

Want to gain exposure online, or just find bargains?

One day deal sites are a new wave in online marketing and exposure on the Internet

1 Day DealOne day deal sites are a win-win situation for bargain hunters and business looking for exposure. People who want to get an inexpensive deal become fans of 1 day deal websites and email lists, and companies can gain an instant fanbase by offering products and services for sale at a discount. For example, a restaurant can offer a cheap meal or special that actually becomes more discounted as extra people sign up to take advantage of it. Stores can offer deals on products or even excess inventory at steep discounts. Test marketers who want to see how well people respond to new foods, gadgets, or offerings can use 1 day deal websites to understand how customers react to a product.

While the most famous daily deal site is Groupon.com (which rejected $6 billion from Google) there are quite a few other sites out there which offer one day bargains. Living Social, BuyWithMe, and Google Offers are all competitors in this arena.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: As a business, you need to make sure that the one day deal you are offering is going to contribute to your long term profitability and lifetime customer value. Also, since you are probably paying a company for the priveledge of sending out the coupons, you need to make sure you are going to experience any kind of benefit at all from a one day deal scenario.